Early Out Collections

The continued increase in high deductible policies has created an even greater need for following up on billing before the need for bad debt collections. Our trained staff offers this service in a patient friendly approach.

  • Experienced team of healthcare professionals

  • Innovative technology to increase recoveries

  • In-house legal staff and dedicated compliance attorney

Billing Follow Up

We can offer our clients the ability to follow up on their claims so that their staff can devote their time to processing clean claims. With multiple payers and contractual differences, our staff is here to make sure payers pay what you are owed.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Identification of insurance -PIP/Med-Pay

Hospital Liens

PIP/Med-Pay billing and follow up

Coordination of benefits

Attorney interactions

Workers' Compensation

With over 1.2 million workplace injuries per year, combined with a multitude of insurance carriers and ever changing regulations and billing requirements, it is easy for these claims to become burdensome. Similar to MVA claims, Workers' Compensation (WC) have the same challenges with the addition of a State entity to oversee the process. These claims are never timely and generally need the most follow up. We have a dedicated team to handle these claims and additionally we have Attorney only access to Workers' Compensation Commission. Don't let these claims effective you AR days, let our staff manage them.

Coordination of Benefits

An increasing challenge from payers is coordination of benefits. Our experience in MVA and WC has made our team very adapt at dealing with all the parties involved. We have several programs to address the need.

Legacy Projects

The Healthcare industry is experiencing more acquisition and increase in information exchange. The pressures are leading to more system conversion and additional software components to meet those challenges. We have extensive experience in helping our clients get past those transitions. 

Strategic Projects

Recognizing that no two facilities or systems are alike, we have the flexibility to create custom programs to meet the individual challenges. Specific payer, specific facility, short term or long term we are here to be your partner. Should you have a challenge that is not typical, let us help.